12 July 2013

Marhaban Ya Ramadhan

It's the third day of Ramadhan. Happy Ramadhan and happy fasting, dear Muslims! I wish a blessed and barakah Ramadhan to all of you.

For the next four week, we will be living in this faithful month, and I believe everyone is happy and excited as we embark on a path of spiritual renewal. As for me, I just can't describe how deep is my emotion, how thankful I am as I was given another chance to foster the holy month of Ramadhan. As I move forward in my journey as one of His servants, I've experienced a lot of things, I've learned so much about life, things that at times were on top could somehow stumbled and diminished. At times, thing goes wrong, there will always be a way to fix it and when you are down with disgrace, it's always Him that you need to turn to. As I grow older, I get to witness the power of doa. It does magic!

Sometimes we tend to forget that all of the rezeki and blessings that we own could be somehow a test from Him. This thing somehow shaken me as I am a bit fragile in dealing with difficulties and worriment. Like I said earlier, never underestimate the power of doa. Whenever in hardship, ask, beg and you may even cry to Him. And most important, be specific of what you are asking for. As easy as that. In certain circumstances, you may not know that your doa is already been granted by Him. The moment when you start feeling at ease and lighten, that's when you actually know that He made you  through it.

Perhaps, you may not see me as one of a good Muslim. And perhaps, I am no good to talk about this. But, let's just take this as a sharing point from me. Plus, it's a fasting month where all the good deeds count. So, I guess there is no harm to share some good things. Till then, have a good weekend, peeps! :)


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