21 August 2013

Raya Photo Diary

Selamat Hari Raya. Maaf Zahir & Batin. It's been a while. And I really miss blogging! How was your Raya? As for me, it all went okay, it's just that I didn't take so much photos like before. Also I didn't get myself pairs of baju raya like I always did before. I was thinking to get myself a pair of Hatta Dolmat's Raya collection but the size didn't do so well on me. Sad :( Hence, this year, hubby bought me an Abaya that I wore on the first Eid. And for 2nd & 3rd I just got myself wore my previous Raya outfits (that I guess most of them only worn once or twice) Here are some of the pictures taken during Raya. I was a bit upset when I got to know that I only have a few pictures of Eid and the most upsetting was, I didn't have any photos with both parents on this Raya. Sad.


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