25 September 2013


Super hectic week with crazy schedule. Sigh.
1. Office works are piling up like crazy. Events, communication collaterals, videos, etc. All are in tight deadlines! 

2. Will be away for 2 days business trip to Singapore starting tomorrow. Boss, can I just stay in the office and sit quietly and finish all the pending jobs? T__T

3. CSR activity on this coming Saturday. I will be back in KL on Friday night, being one of the team community for this project, I gotta prepare things and make sure everything in a good condition for the activity. Cry!

4. And the most painful part is, my family is coming to our house this Saturday! Means, I have to make sure the house will be all set for the guests. Phewwwwww! I'm the kind of person who likes (MUST is a good word to describe actually :p) make sure that the house in 'tip-top' condition before the guest comes.

So now I'm taking my deep breath and try to tell myself, yes, I can do this! Wish me luck, guys :p

xo :)


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