11 September 2013


The smallest moments that matter the most. Like being lazy on the couch or lying on the carpet while reading your favourite magazine. To me these are the things to consider in creating a good space in my house. Like I told you in my previous post, I live in an old house, nothing fancy, it's an old terrace house with a kind of lame neighbourhood. So in order to get rid of the dullness, me and hubby decided to get a nice decoration for our home. We DIY-ed because we thought that we could do it, and yes, we did almost everything on the house like painting the wall, arranging the furniture, etc. I guess me and hubs share the same passion and interest, we really enjoyed decorating and DIY-ing our home.

As our everyday life happens in the crib, we think that creating a sufficient space and ambience is vital. With a humble decoration and warm colourful ambience, we find that our home will always be our favourite place to hang out. 

My little kitchen. 

An artsy corner in our crib. The wall was fully done by me :) You can click here for more story on this artsy wall.

Creative clutter is better than idle neatness. Agree?


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