20 April 2014

Taiwan Travel Log Part IV

*Please take note that the write-up of this post doesn't really go with the title :p*

Hello! It is exactly 2 months after my last update. I am really sorry for that. Life has been quite tough, busy (with my freelance design job) and boring for me since my husband left to work in Sabah for nearly 3 months now. Yes, 3 months we've been in a long distance relationship, and somehow, I am getting used to it now - since hubby travels a lot for his work. As the sun rises, I start my day alone,  and alone I will end my day. At times, families will come to visit me but, having your husband right by your side (especially when you are carrying a baby) is the most greatest company that you could ever asked for. Never mind. I've told myself that there's nothing to be sad about, God gave you this because of some particular reason. Just  accept it and redha. There are times that I need to eat alone in a restaurant, shop groceries alone in a mall and even went for monthly pregnancy check ups all by myself, it's truly disturbed me (emotionally) but things just need to move on. I always remind myself that I have this little angel in me that is looking after me where ever I go now. And that's what I always told hubby when he calls to check whether I am fine or not. Knowing that hubby is so busy there, I try my best not to worry him with things that I can make go of it.

Don't we miss each other? Oh yes, I do miss him a lot. We miss each other a lot (that I would definitely shed my tears each time he rang me a call) and counting days to time that we get to meet each other - soon. (Hubby will be home in a week time! Hooray!) :D I am so excited about he coming back home and had even planned for a short getaway trip! I hope it will go as planned. InsyaAllah.

I will try my very best not to abandon this blog again. Hahaha. Trust me peeps, it is not that I am tired of blogging, it's just that I am too cold about being fancy and showy nowadays. As for now, let's just finish what I've started :p Another pictures from my last trip to Taiwan. Hahahah Omaigawd, dah basi oready. But please bear with me, okay :p I promise you that there will be one last post about my trip to Taiwan before I move on to another new topic :p

 I really miss this TeddyBear :)


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