25 May 2010

London Oh! London

Oh hell yes I wanna go again to this place! I miss this place so so so mucho and I do really really hope that I could come back again. Some of the atmosphere that I could captured while I was there (back then in 2007). Pssttt: This is my first attempt using DSLR camera... and.. oh yea, I do photography too :D

my workstation

LoL me! waiting for the train before go to the office

oh yes, I captured and did some editing

Walthamstow Central, London

Underground Tube Station in London

830am in the morning with -1 degree

Colleagues - Hasri & Faiz. It is freaking cold!

No caption needed =)

Misschqa in London

Obviously, I am loving the boots, the jacket, the scarf, the hat... everything!! Oh Bobo, pleaaase take me to London for our honeymoon, yeah! heee :D hey wait, as you can see, I do fashion too.. I mean I love fashion as much as I love chocolates! Wait for my time to time update post. I can share my fashion sense with all of you :D

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