21 May 2010

This is Misschqa

Let's start with this picture first. This is me. Misschqa Mustafa. That's not my real name, but I prefer to use Misschqa Mustafa as myself in my blog. I am not a rockafella (even practically this picture tells so). I am Misschqa Mustafa who loves everything and enjoy everything.  I guess by cherishing every bit of life means that you are living your life to the fullest. That's theoretically about me.

Faces of Misschqa
I think this is the best picture to describe me ( how colorful and vibrant can I be :p ). and.. Oh yes, I am a fan of camera! Hee : D

1. Erkkk...
2. Slurpeee....
3. Ngee....
4. Whaddup?
5. Kisss...
6. Ouchhh!
7. Hemmmm.
8. Think!
9. Blahhh!
10. Gotchhhaa!
11. Whateverrr!
12. Euwwwww!
13. Vain!
14. Smile
15. Sshhhhhh
16. Opppsss!
17. -_-

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