25 May 2010

My Alejandro

Alejandro - A Greek name that has a meaning of DEFENDER. This name shares the same meaning in Spanish society. Alejandro is derived from the Alexander name. So basically, Alexander is called Alejandro is Spanish and Greek.

Since the name of Alejandro has a strong meaning, so I guess this is the strong reason for me to introduce My Alejandro to all of you :D He is my Alejandro, My Greatest Defender, and My Greatest Alexander!

But his name is not Alejandro or Alexander, ok.. This is Farhan Jabbar. But I call him Oppa (korean word that refers to lover or brother). But somehow now I love to call him Bobo. Want to know why?? Wait for the next pict ok ;p
This is why I call him Bobo. Bobo - BOtak BOy ;p
p/s: I am loving the new single of Lady Gaga - Alejandro =)

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