15 June 2010

Wider & Wider

Oh my gosh! I am getting fatter & wider. Please help me! Ok, wait people. This is not a funny thing. Seriously I am not making fun about this. It is true that I am getting fatter. Even my boyfie said so :( 
I really wanna be slim like before. I just feel that my tummy is getting big and even my legs are getting shorter. Physically, when you feel that you are getting shorter, that is another way of telling that you are fat! Damn! And one more big bang that shows I am fat now is my shoe size, yes, it's getting bigger too. I used to wear 36 before but currently I am wearing 37. Oh, that's totally freaking me out! Arghhh!
I just wanna be slim like before!!
Lol.. That's me with that spoil face. Excuse me for a while yeah. I am being too silly ;p ;p hahahaha
Psstt.. I am wearing my new quirky shoulder top ;p

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