09 June 2010

Kick The Ball!

The title of this entry may sound a bit quirky. But I just love it :D "Kick the ball! Yeah, just kick it!" hahaha :P  Okay, enough of that silly thing. And yea, I just realized today that the FIFA World Cup is just around the corner. Come to that realization, I made a poster specifically for my company to use as our new content on our TV screen. Oh yea, I haven't tell you that I am working with an advertising company where we provide LCD screens for people to advertise. Not only the LCD screens, we do provide the contents (video, digital poster, etc) for the LCD as well.

Errr, where were we just now?? Oh yea, the poster :p (Pardon me, I am such a forgetful person) So I made this poster for the usage of our LCD screens. Unfortunately, my boss don't want this poster to be put on the screens. Why? Because he said that somehow we have to deal with the rights issue in the near future. I was like, errrrr okay, you are the boss. Don't want my idea to be dumped elsewhere, so I decided to put it here :D

p/s: You can watch our LCD screens at all KFC stores in Klang Valley & Kayu Nasi Kandar
(I am promoting the company ;p)

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