06 August 2010


I am bored. Totally I am. I  just don't consider that I live happily now. Except for having my boyfriend right by my side :D I don't feel happy with my life, I am bored with the same effing routine that I have to do everyday. Checking out what the latest updates on my friends in Facebook, open my emails even though I already know there will be no good news for me, browsing at the same internet sites.... arghhh.. That's totally make me sick! and this weekend would be a boring one for me. My boyfriend is not in town, not having him right beside me on weekend is the same meaning of telling me that I will not have an exciting things to do! Grrrrrrr!!


  1. dear..i love ur blog..adorable..sangat2..i do bored with the same routine i've been tru everyday..life here was sangat2 bosan..i really dont know wut to do..i love teaching but i hate the surronding of my workplace..the mentally of other teachers is fusty..everythings i've done here like a jerk to them..tak pakai kain dalam pun nak keco..sangat la..n they are so busy body.."they care" soo much..i hate it..makes me become selfish n feel like tanak kawan with them..i just dont care menjadi kera sumbang here..i cant wait to trf to KL..wish i can do it as earlier as possible..huhuhu..

  2. thanks dear. thanks sgt! u are the first commenter tu!! appreciate it! oo yea?? people yg sgt2 typical malay tu kot.. tak pakai kain dlm?? wth? c'mon la kann.. hey, cepat2 transfer KL! nnt boleh hang out sesame! Hugs!