13 August 2010


People around keep asking me about this name. Misschqa. Why Misschqa? What is Misschqa actually? How to pronounce the name? Okay, now I tell you why and how to pronounce it correctly. :p

1. First, this is how you pronounce it : Mish-qa

2. The pronunciation is simple but why I have to spell it that way. With double S and CH. The reason  why is because Misschqa was the name that I chose for my Yahoo ID longggggggggg time ago. The original spelling was like this : Mischqa. Unfortunately the chosen name with that kind of spelling was not available at that time. Therefore, I had to put another S to make it work for the ID registration.

3. I simply love the name. It sounds very bubbly and lively and creamy. Simply delicious! Lol!

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