04 August 2010

Mee Goreng Hunting

I was so damn craving for Mee Goreng last weekend. So I told my boyfriend.. " Oppa, I want the best Mee Goreng in town.. Where can I find it? " and Oppa was like tounged tight, not saying a boo.. He had no idea where to find the best Mee Goreng in town.. Being so impatient & hungry of mee goreng that could make me eat a horse, I rapidly ask Oppa to bring me to this place.. Orchid Bistro.. The Mee Goreng was like so-so, but somehow, it could lessen my hunger about the best Mee Goreng in town. Do you people know any place in town where I can find one?? Any suggestions??

My latest favorite picture of him.. *Hearts*

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