02 September 2010


Dear Mr. Bloggy, sorry for abandoning you for quite a long time. Been very busy for the past few days. Eid Mubarak is just around the corner, so as usual these were my annual activities with the family since last Friday.

Friday 270810
I was in JB. So these were things happened during my pre-balik kampung session. Cleaned up the house. The most tiring one. Upstairs & downstairs. Sumpah penat gile! 72 kilos of junk being sold to the Cina Karung Guni. Hahahahah. You gotta believe me. This is real! Then, followed my mom to the market, groceries shopping for iftar. After that, being an unqualified sous chef for my mom :p
She prepared quite a lot for berbuka, and that's included masak lomak cili api ayam kampung! Yummy!

Saturday 280810
Cleaned up the house again. Again?? Yup, as I said this is a massive cleaning up, which only happens once a year. This is different from everyday clean-up, this is a huge one! Lol! :p

Sunday 290810
Half of the day spent on the journey back to KL. Had an Iftar at Pelita SS15 with Oppa and friends.

Monday 300810
Still on leave, decided to spend time at home since the family will arrive from JB at night. Cleaned up my house. Again?? Hahahaha, my Kajang's house lah... The house needs to be in perfect condition for my parent to check in. :p Iftar at Alamanda with Oppa and friends. Then having late night supper with the family at JM Beriani, Bangi as the family arrived. :D

Tuesday 310810
Shopping time! Hari Raya shopping with the family. We went to Sogo, Jln TAR, and Midvalley. There was a flood of people especially in Sogo. Memang gile! Ramai gile manusia sampai rasa nak muntah!

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