17 September 2010

My Mom's Kebaya

Love the Prints!

Believe it or not the kebaya that I wore is my mom's. My mom told me that the kebaya was given by my great grandmom as a gift to her, when the great grandmom returned from Indonesia. Ahh, forgot to tell ya, my great grandmom was originally from Siak, Indonesia :D So that's exactly how my mom look when she was young. And surprisingly, I can fit the kebaya, even the kain is a bit labuh for me, but I am trying my best to make sure that it looks good on me. I'm wearing  this during my visit to my besties place, Rafidah as she was holding Rumah Terbuka for Hari Raya :D

Moment Captured. Four of us.
Farhan, Jehan, Rafidah & Juffrizal

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