06 September 2010

Ramadhan Stories

Obviously, I didn't post a lot during the month of Ramadhan. Yeah, maybe because Ramadhan is still here so i guess it is better for me to keep my update less. Sometimes, the lesser the better :D Today is the 27th day of fasting which means that we have another 3 days with Ramadhan, the month full of blessings. To all Muslims, I wish you people a Happy Hari Raya and Maaf Zahir & Batin (in advance) :p

This year of Ramadhan I didn't get a lot of chance to hang out with the friends. My weekends were filled with balik-JB sessions and having a normal routine. In other words it was a boring & busy lahh kann.. But yesterday I did planned something, iftar with the friends. And I guess it was a so-call closing ceremony la before me and all my friends going back to hometowns. At first the lokasi bebuka was supposed to be at Restoran Baser at Puchong, but due to unforeseen circumstances :p lokasi ditukar di Coffee Village, Putrajaya. The food was ok la, and i love the Mee Goreng that Oppa had. Sedap! What really matter to me is that I've got the chance to spend my sweet time with the friends. That's what matters to me! And thanks guys for make it happened! Hugs!

Jam baru Miss Nena. Oh yes, sesungguhnya saya jeles! hahahaaha

Spot my new bag?? Heee :D Thanks Oppa Cayang!

Nana, Nena, Me & Fiqa

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