01 December 2011

Puss In Boots

Watched Puss In Boots last night with Farhan. To me it is such a purr-fect little movie that everyone can enjoy. I am a cat lover, of course I enjoyed it so much! I guess it is a fun movie that treats Puss In Boots as the star like he was meant to be. Apart from a recommended movie, I just want to share with everyone especially those who are using iPhone or Android phones, have this GSC application downloaded in your phone asap since it is so convenient and handy. I bought my cinema tickets using this application, and it is such a reliable one because I don't have to queue and wait, or maybe I don't have to deal with such a lagging network booking online tickets via internet. Trust me, this application is a far better and faster. Using Maybank2u as its payment method, this application will give you a bar code which you only have to scan at the ticket counter in order to enter the house. Easy? 

What I Wore. I just couldn't forgive myself for mis-placing my DSLR memory card. Went nuts searching for it all over my room before I got off the house. My huge urge of taking the photos using my DSLR became lame, hence, I just got these photos with low-res value, taken using my iPhone. Want to know where finally I found my memory card? It's just inside the small pocket on my big black bag that I'm wearing on the above picture. Pffftttt!


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