28 December 2011

Weekend Recap

Hi there! Another quick recap from me :) When December boarded, my weekends were filled with loads of things. Obviously me and Farhan were busy running here and there getting things for our wedding. Despite the hectic time of getting everything done for the big day, we had slot a little space for me and friends to go for a quick coffee and chill time. For me, friends need to get updated about what is up on each and everyone, therefore a quick rendezvous was all needed for all of us. Having each and everyone of us chat, eat, drink and laugh were the best therapy for me after a tensed and busy day settling things. 

The happy moment captured. My lil mummy-to-be has started wearing Hijab. Isn't she lovely? 

Mr.Shy Shy Bear :)

A snap after a quick lunch. The Sunnies that we've been yearning for. Hahahaha. Forgive us Dear Sunnies :p

An evening in Kuala Lumpur

Got myself hooked up with the YSL arty ring like sooooooo long ago. Luckily I managed to get something similar while I was wandering around the mall. Hahahaha Thanks to my hardcore hunting skill :D

Not one, but 2, Darling! :D Happy girl I am!

These lil things got me stuck in a long queue for like 30 minutes. What is so good about this popcorn that make people wait for like 30 minutes just for the sake of buying it? Well, the taste people, although it is quite sugary, but it is rich in taste, moisture and crisp, not like any other ordinary popcorns.

Again, thanks to my hardcore waiting skill. Got myself a bag full of heavenly crisp popcorn! Yayness!


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