21 January 2011

Gloomy Day

Even though yesterday was sunny & bright, but there were parts of yesterday that I felt gloom inside. 

After seeing Mr.Bear's car got crashed and turned out to be like this. Toruk Moktu, she now needs a new bump.

He was all messed up. I know that. Yet he still smiled all day long in front of me.

Bad day, same goes with my hair. Bad hair day.

To kill my time waiting for him, I took a few shots.

Waiting for him while he was self fixing his car.

Dinner. The best Bakso in Bangi, Kajang & some say Serdang. Lol :D



  1. bakso kat mana tu? kesian kereta bf awak :/

  2. :) Ami, bakso tu kat pasa malam area lengkuas restaurant tu.. I pon baru discover :D