18 January 2011

Daily Bits

His shirt tells : You Are What You Eat

He put his cap on me and simply snapped. There you go my face. 40% retarded. Thanks Mr.Bear :p

Supper. White bread, ox tail soup & teh tarik. Purrrfect combo!

Everyday scene. It's everywhere in Malaysia. Malaysians' chilling.

This is what happened when :
Me : Oppaaaaaa (flapping eyelash)
Mr.Bear : Yep
Me : I saw something nice yesterday.. Can I.....
Mr.Bear : No shopping until I say so!
Me : Erkkkk.....

Thanks Mr.Bear for the quick snap. I look kinda ugly with that long silly face, but I still love this piece :D

Meatball, spring chicken & Daim cake at IKEA on Sunday noon.

Nude pale face for me at Wong Solo, Nasi Ayam Penyet.



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