07 March 2011

8th Years

04 March 2011. Rahsia Bistro, Jln Damai, Ampang.

I fell in love with him for the second time that night. 

The drinks called Cinta & Asmara

Lava Cake. Supa yummy!

What I wore.

Yes, he's my man :D

Thank you so much, love. Thank you for the HUGE surprise. This was the most happiest moment in my life. If only we could record the moment when you were kneeing down with the ring in your hand and said those four magical words, it would be real great :D The long awaited moment was finally arrived. Yes, I do. Love Love.

I do still have a few photos to post. The part on that night after he said those 4 words. But I think I have to keep those photos first. Heee. I promise you that I will post them out soon. Sooooonnnn darlings. Do wait! :D



  1. u looked so pretty babe :)
    and congrats on the four words (I hope it's what I think it is)

  2. cepat-cepat la yer...lama dah kan? moga happily ever after...

  3. Thanks kak zet! pls pray for us! xoxo