22 March 2011

Closet Chaos

I had a lot of problems each time I wanna pick my clothes out of my drawer. It somehow stuck because it was too overloaded inside. And it really freaking me out! Bought a rack from IKEA and I guess it helped me a little bit in making my wardrobe organized and neat!

The moment when I got a little freaked out, I pulled everything out of the drawer! Now you see it!

That's my bed yaw! Flooded! 

That's my new rack. This is where all my tops can be found. Yet, I still have a bunch of my tops waiting to get hanged. I'm running out of hangers! (Beli beribu hanger pon takkan cukup owkayy!)



  1. Lempar-lemparkanlah kat sini kak Jihan oiii. HAHAHA.