10 March 2011

Wedding Gift

Should have posted this out earlier, but since I have to get the gift done first then I guess I have to put it on hold. Went to IKEA, (IKEA is on Sale!) last Friday, (yeah before we had our anniversary dinner) to get some wedding gift for Nadia. After went round & round we finally cut down our list of gift into these; IKEA's Lerberg shelf, IKEA's Lack coffee table & IKEA's Dudero stand lamp. Sorry Nadia, we could only get these for you. And we hope that these would help you a little bit since you are moving to a new house!

Again, I put it nicely in her room. She's having her pre-wed honeymoon now, and will be back today. Shall be a surprise for her as she enters her room! Heee :D

I made this, kinda huge actually. Slightly smaller than A4 size. Huge, huh? 

This is the only picture that I got on what I wore on that day. We were rushing to get to Cahaya Bistro that day as the reservation was at 6.30pm. And at 4.00 pm, everything was done and we drove back home. Yes, home in Kajang. It's kinda hectic to travel from Damansara to Kajang at that particular hour but I need to get dressed and dolled up before the big night! 


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