13 July 2011

It's A Car Thing

Like any other Saturday, my schedule is already being fixed. It is either I go shopping with Farhan and friends, watching movie with Farhan, lunch date with Farhan or maybe doing a little crime with Farhan. Obviously his name is constantly being said up there, yeah well, I do a lot of thing with him most of the time. As for our last Saturday, this was the crime that we he did. We were at the car thingy shop because he wanted to check on things buy things for his car. I was the only witness for this crime and I have this one word for you, Love. Bravo! :P

Him : Babe, is there any possibilities that I can put any of these things on our Dulang Hantaran?
Me : Erk, sureeeeeeee... T__T

Him : How about we use these bucket seats on our pelamin?
Me : Erkk..... T__T

Lord of The Ring. He said. Anyhoo, thank you Oppa for buying me this! :D

Yeah, now I know why he used to call me Hamster. T__T

What I Wore.


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