30 July 2011

Not So Plain Day

2 months we've been engaged. Everything goes normal as it is. I guess there is no huge changes, we still walk on the same path, it's just sometimes when I tripped, he would always be there to make sure that I am fine. Hey wait, did I say that there is no huge changes? Actually, there is. We still laugh like before, and we also sometimes fought like cat & dog like before, but one thing that changed is the spark... The spark of love is much more provocative and tantalizing. It is firing, yeah, that's the word, firing... :D Blessed.

One beautiful evening, I accompanied him jog around his neighborhood.

Walking with these heels, while he's running. Do you think it is a good idea? :p

He's spontaneous. Lol

The ugly side of me. Thanks Oppa for capturing this :p

❤ ❤ 


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