09 March 2012

The Red Jubilee

As I said on the previous post, these are the tailpieces taken on the 4th March 2012. Though nowadays people prefer to have a simplicity theme for their wedding, but to me, when it comes to Malay wedding, I personally prefer it to be in a majestic and splendor way. Clearly, it is well said that you will be the 'Raja Sehari' on that day, thus, everything about the wedding especially the dais has to reflect the 'Raja Sehari' term. 

And I simpy love how Nizam Zary Bridal put their magical touch on this reception. Rafidah looked so much different and prettier! The dais was just too nice and gorgeous in its own way. Since I will be using the same wedding planner, I am so excited and looking forward to see how will it be on my date :) 

With my SIGS Darlings. 


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