18 August 2012

Ramadhan Get Together

Hello! Currently I'm in JB. My hubby and I arrived home yesterday and at the moment just finished cleaning the house for Hari Raya. Yeah, tomorrow is Raya! How time flies so fast. I just thought that we only started our first day of fasting, and now we are counting a few hour left before the first of Syawal comes. I will be spending my first Raya with hubby's family this year. It is a new experience, first Hari Raya as a wife and first Hari Raya with my new family. I am all excited. For this entry, I will be posting about me and my dear friends get together on Ramadhan. Since each and everyone of us now is married, we hardly get a spare time to holla and jolly. This time, everybody managed to spare some time, and here we are, berbuka together at Bayou Coffee House, Cyberjaya :)

Of all the lamb that I had during this Ramadhan, so far, this is the best. Stuffed roasted lamb. The bomb!

Hubby & friends were so eager to go for a Go-Kart. The the wives had to layankan. :D


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