17 October 2013

Terengganu Travel Log

It was 2 weeks back when I accompanied hubby for his weekend duty at Terengganu. I was sooo sooo glad that I could follow him because most of the time, he would be away on weekdays, but not this time that he had to work on weekends, hence I volunteered myself to follow, hehe.. not only I got a chance to accompany him but this would be a weekend escape and a quick holiday for both of us :D

I love Terengganu because it's a quiet suburban with beautiful beaches and calm environment. And Terengganu has variety of delicious food with cheaper price compared to KL.

My favourite picture of him. As a wife, I think it's a huge pleasure for me when I had a chance to send him off to work :') And this is the moment I guess. Only God knows how much I love to see him in the suit. And only God knows how grateful I am to have him in my life. 

Makan time at seafood eatery in Marang. Look at those huge squids!

From raw to roarrrrrr! Look at that. Sotong celup tepung yawww.

Sata! Honestly, I used to ignore this food until hubby asked me to try and I was like jaw-droppin' yawww! Sedap!

Fish crackers! Keropok ikangggg!


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