23 June 2011

Hear Me Rawr!

Hi everybody. It is been quite sometimes since I had my entry posted almost everyday. Sorry for keeping this blog motionless. It is just that I am having a kind of slow momentum at the moment. By the way, I had a day out with Mr.Bear yesterday. Our initial idea of watching a movie turned out to be pointless when all of the early show tickets were already sold out. So we wandered around the mall, went into one shop after another. Did I buy something? I did not buy anything but Mr.Bear bought something for me :D Thanks, Love!

What I Wore. Too much of animal print? That is why you can hear me rawr! :p

What he wore. Thanks love for buying me a handbag 



  1. you look cute! and love your shoes!

  2. I will go for the bag in prints.

  3. Cute outfit! But i wouldn't dare go out with so much animal print, haha! :)