10 June 2011

Yogi Bear

Hi Peeps. It is Friday and I am excited to meet Saturday & Sunday. But before I leave, here are some photos that I want to share. Have a nice weekend, take care and smile always, Earthlings!

Nice cuppies. Wait till you see the next photo :p

Aahaaaaa! Yup, they are actually for him. My small & humble gift for him. (Will get something nice for you soon, ok YogiBear?)

After work, we had dinner together and I asked him to close his eyes before he got to see the gift. Just look at him :P (Good boy niiiii, dengar kata..... :P)

Surprise! See his happy face? :D

Him : Whoaaaaa!!! They look good. Ok, oppa makan sekarang!
Me : T__T  Lorr, sabar la dulu... I wanna take some pictures..

Nah, one close shot from him! 


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