09 August 2011

Iftar #1

Me and Farhan, we've been planning to give some treats to all of our friends. Since the Ramadhan is here, so we think this is the best time for all of us to get together for some fun and feast. I was the one who responsible in selecting the venue, Al Andalus Restaurant that serves Arabian and Middle East food. I personally think that the food was good, considering the nice, cozy and moderate ambience, I shall give 8 over 10 for this food place. As usual, below there are a few shots taken on the date.

Al Andalus Restaurant. Yes, previously, it was located at Jln Damai, Ampang.

My home made Pudding Trifle.

Sadly, Nadia, Faiz, Raf and Juff couldn't make it. They were all in JB.

Obviously, we were very excited. Yay, my lamb is here!!!!

Mandi Lamb. See my extra lamb? That makes me, ME. Hahaha

Arabic Tea-Pot

Newly engaged. Welcome to the club, guys!

Soon enough to-be. Yayyy!!

The Men of the night!

Erkkk, what shall I write for this photo caption? Oh yeah, The Host of the night! ♥ ♥ 


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