30 August 2011

Iftar #3

Another outdated post. Sorry again. Tonight, this is the only time where I could find myself sit down in front of the lappy. Starting from last Friday, I was fully occupied to settle this and that. From a last minute shopping while I was still in KL, to my journey going back to my hometown JB, and lotsa other things, especially in having  things done for Hari Raya, my schedule was really tight and packed. I was totally tied up to an overloaded errands that makes me losing almost 4kg! Ah, never mind about that, for sure I will gain back 2 kilos on this Hari Raya :p Well yeah, as I said before, this gonna be an outdated post. It's about me and all my darlings gathered for another iftar-ing on the last week of Ramadhan. 

Iftar with these lovelies.

At the most voted place by all of us, Wong Solo! Yums!

Fiqa, Noii and Nadia

Pecel Lele and Empal Sapi. 

We're celebrating Nena's birthday in advance. Happy Birthday, Nena! XOXO

Look at him. Budak degil yang suka buat perangai :p

Last one before we make a leave.


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