15 August 2011

Weekend Treat

What I am having now is the maximum level of Monday blues. The adding between the blues and the fatigue of work and fasting has brought me to the condition where I only talk when people ask, I look at the screen for a few seconds before I get to understand what's on it. Besides, I even look at the wall clock like 10 times in a minute just to make sure it will hit 4 o'clock faster. Blah. Slack. Sluggish. 

At this point, I don't think that I can write well. With these laziness and blah feeling still stuck in my head, I try very hard to pull myself out of the negative state of mind. "Now, write! Use your freaking brain to think of some nice words to write!" I told myself. And yeah, there you go, a two paragraph of words. Not that much but it is more than enough to make my head stay up high and start to think rather than idly rest, lagging and slothful.

See peeps, what I am trying to say is whenever you are in such condition, try to stay positive. There will be something in you that can push yourself to the limit. Sometimes you may have to force yourself or even torture yourself, but it is for your own good. Being down and blue won't get you anywhere. Am I right? :D Before I leave, I put some of the photos taken during my outing with my darling cousin, Rifhan. 

This is what a girl does best. Cam-whoring while waiting for Rifhan.

Some say that we do look alike. Yeah, after all the blood that running through my vein is the same blood that running through hers :D

What I Wore. Loving my new shoes! :D


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  1. hye ! chantek :) huhu
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