27 April 2011

Level Two

I was telling you guys that I am all busy at the moment. Running errands, settling matters & finishing all my assignments and jobs, but I haven't tell any of you yet that something big is going to happen in my life. And because of this big thing also is the main reason why I keep running here & there settling things. At first, there was a hesitation in me about writing this on my blog. I thought I should not be telling this to the world, but after thinking about it over and over again, there is no wrong about sharing this. There is no harm about writing this to the world because I don't think that I am being too proud or too snob about it, it is just an act of letting people know about something good. In fact, I've already kept this to myself for quite some times until now, the day I finally made up my mind that there is no wrong about being happy and let people know about what I am up to. 

Okay, now.. May I have your attention, please?

Is that clear enough for you to read? Yes, darlings. I am getting engaged. On this coming of 2nd of May, which at the same time it falls on my birthday. Cool innit? This was all planned by Farhan, the day when he made the proposal, he was telling me that I'm gonna have a combo celebration on my birthday this year. Again, I was too overjoyed and delighted of him being so well planned without letting me know even just a bit. Thanks again Sayang for all of the surprises! 

Well, there will be loads of things that I wanna put up on my blog, especially on my preparation for my engagement day. I am all excited now. Will keep you people posted about this. Thanks again for reading this, have a bless day ahead darlings and please please please, do pray for me. Pray that everything's gonna be just fine on the date itself. Much love from me :D



  1. congratulations dear ;)

    I know what it feels like !
    Both are you are so lovely together.

    all the best~

  2. congrats jenna...moga kekal hingga akhir hayat...

  3. nak congrats gak kat future sister-in-law ni :P