27 April 2011

New Phase

If you ever realized, I don't have a lot of entry posted in the month of April. I am sorry. The thing is that I am full packed with a lot of assignments - duties to deliver, errands to run & matters to settle. I know I owe you people one thing. Remember this entry? I promised you to post few other photos on the night when Farhan (Yes, his real name is Farhan, friends used to call him Bear because he is physically big and furry hairy like a bear.. Hee) proposed me. So these are the photos.

This was snapped a few moment before he knelt down.

This was taken after he put that ring on my finger. I simply took off the ring and asked him to strike this pose for me. Yeah at least I have this picture in my keeping now :D

Right after he put the ring on. Couldn't even look at him, I was burst out in tears! Thanks, love! I simply didn't have any idea that you gonna do 'that thing you do' on that night! So I am now on my Level 1 of my new phase in life! Yay! I am so blessed. Alhamdulillah.



  1. you are such a lucky girl dear :)

    hope that you guys will end up as happily ever after :p jangan lupe jemput saye - den

  2. hey den! thanks a lot. mesti la jempot nnt. and for sure u kene dtg!! :D