20 April 2011

Unagi Unagi

Sunday afternoon. Just after we had our lunch, we went to IKEA & One Utama to grab some stuff. After we picked the right items at IKEA, we headed up to One Utama to hunt another stuff. Passed by Jaya Jusco Supermarket which is located in old wing of One Utama, I saw a whole bunch of packed Sushi, I stopped my boyfie and told him, "I know I am still full with rice lunch meal & 3 pieces of IKEA's currypuff, but that Unagi seems a lil bit tempting... Heee ..."

And so he bought me these. Yayyyyy!!!

I took all the Unagi. He took the rice roll. Hahaha. 

See my Unagi face? Lol

This is for him! Yay!

What I wore. Oh yeah, we went to Alamanda just right before we headed up to Damansara to check out what's in at Aldo outlet in Alamanda. And yeah, there goes again my diet. Hahaha. I forgot I did bought  
a chocolate pretzel and finished eating them in just a moment. Seriously, I ate like a cow!  Lol

Bright colors! I love!



  1. Ko mmg dilahirkan utk mkn tp x gomoxs....(jeles)

  2. hahahahaah itu statement yg kelaka kak zetty!