18 April 2011

Saturday Show Time

We started our Saturday Show Time with having lunch together at one of the Malay cuisine restaurant in Bangi. Five of us ; Me, Nadia and her hubby, Rifhan (my darling cousin) and of course my darling boyfie, Mr.Bear. After that, we headed up to Bukit Bintang for explore-race session at Sg Wang Plaza, Farenheit KL & Pavilion.

Me, cousin Rifhan & Miss Nena at Sg Wang Plaza (a must go place for us!)

Finally, we bought ourself that super cute and cool Iphone case. Been eying that before, and simply grabbed when I saw it at one of the accessory shop in Sg Wang plaza. And it only cost me RM19. Cool innit?

 Miss Nena & Me :D


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