16 May 2011

Big Eyes

In my daily routine, I don't do so much make up. But one thing for sure I always keep in mind that never ever leave the house with your bare eyes! I think, our eyes are the most important part that we have to look into. Actually this is the particular part of the body which gets the most attraction by other people as well. I personally think that eyeliner could dramatically affect the look and the shape of your eyes. Try to put one of your eyes with eyeliner while leave another one with its bare look. You will definitely see how the one with the eyeliner enhanced & embellished compared to another one. For this entry I would like to share with you guys a few ways to apply eyeliner in order to draw attention to them.

More Round & Big

Use eyeliner to outline the contour of your eyes at the base of the eyelashes and continue toward the outer corner, thicken and "wing" the line upward.

Oval Shaped Eyes

Start a fine line at the base of your eye lid, thicken it in the middle, and draw it toward the outer corner of your eyes.

Close Together

Use eyeliner to draw a tapered line starting thick on the inner corner of your eye and narrowing through to the outer corner of the eye.

Farther Apart

Apply eyeliner and start the line away from the inner corner of your eye thickening toward the outer edge and extend it slightly upward.


Trace a fine line of eye liner around the contour of your eye and also draw a fine line at the base of the upper and lower lashes for more definition.


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