04 May 2011

Fuschia, Purple & White

Alhamdulillah. Everything went well. Even though it was just a small and simple reception, I was happy & glad. Having everyone that I loved around me, that was the most meaningful thing for me. Happy. Thankful. Blessed. Granted. Thank you Allah, my Mom & Dad ( I love you both soooo much!), my uncles & aunties (thanks for all of the sponsorship, lol) my siblings, my cousins, my family (and soon-to-be family), my friends and not forgotten my Boyfriend Beau Fiance'.

As I mentioned earlier, I had a simple occasion, it was just between both two families, relatives, and some close friends. I did not have mini dais or other etcetera unnecessary thing during the Majlis. In fact, Farhan was not allowed to be part of the Majlis and me myself also was not allowed to stay out of the room until the session of Sarong Cincin went off. I guessed I followed the original (and typical) Adat where I only had the Dulang Hantarans, Sireh Junjung, Bunga Rampai and Gift bags for all of the guests. Nowadays, people have different way in holding up their engagement ceremony, but as for me and my family, an average occasion would be sufficient enough. The most important thing was my family tried very hard to embrace and practice the old kind of way in Malay tradition on holding up an engagement ceremony. I guessed that was the beauty of it. Here are some of the pictures of my preparation, one day before the event.

Exhibit 1: Excuse my nude & pale face. At this time, the only thing that stucked in my head was, I wanna get this Majlis done QUICKLY. I've already tired and super duper penat, running here and there to get things done.

Exhibit 2 : I had a cute cup of Bunga Rampai as the gift to all of the guests. Thanks to my aunts, Mama Lee & Mama Nor, they did the Bunga Rampai for me. Love you both, aunts!

Exhibit 3 : I was highly in love with my Sireh Junjung. The moment when I first saw it, I shouted happily. It was big, tall, colorful & bright. Credits to Tok Mama, a 70 year old lady who's been living in my neighborhood since I was a liltle girl. She did the Sireh Junjung for FREE. Thanks Tok Mama!

Exhibit 4 : The whole presentations of my Dulang Hantarans. They were all done by me. I could not give any extra point to myself since this was my first attempt on doing the Hantarans. But I kinda satisfy with the color that I chose. It's Fuschia, Purple & White.

I will be posting my new entry on the Majlis soon. So please stay tuned, peeps!


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