24 May 2011

Nur Kasih

Nur Kasih. This is the only Malay movie that we were aiming to watch this year. We had our late lunch at Noodle Station, Alamanda before went into the movie house at 6.30 pm. Nur Kasih had a quite long air time compared to other Malay Movie that were screened in the cinemas. What I love the most about this movie are, the Director, Khabir Bhatia succeeded on bringing & lifting up the Islamic plot in such a good way in his story line. I do admire how Khabir Bhatia explains and plays with the meaning of Islam in the context of urban & civilized Malay society.  Apart from having great cinematography, the script and the story line were nicely composed and I have this dialogue stuck in my head ; the dialogue was uttered by Remy Ishak (Adam) when he was having a discussion with one Ustaz after this Ustaz being reluctant on giving religious talk to a group of spoilt kids after seeing all the females were not covering their aurats. The dialogue goes something like this (can't remember the exact sentence) - "Tak guna kalau kite tutup dan betulkan luaran kalau yang dalamnya busuk dan rosak teruk." A strong sentence with a deep meaning. Agree? :D

This is What I Wore.


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