27 May 2011

How To Mix & Match

I am so in the mood of writing today. To get the idea of a topic that I am gonna write about, I browsed through my previous posts. Flipped through one after another of all the pictures that I have in my entries. And a sudden blink popped in my head. Mix & Match. So now I'm gonna share with you guys the trick of mixing & matching the clothes. Well, maybe I am not one hell of pro here, but I guess there is no harm of sharing the idea. Right? 

You don't have to be like Madonna or Victoria Beckham in order to have a perfect wardrobe. Yes, I do agree that every girl's dream is to have a room of closets where she can store her unlimited pieces of clothes. But, who the heck are we am I that can afford a celebrity's closet? As for me, all that is needed is some creativity, common sense and a penchant of Mix & Match when you buy your clothing. Mixing & matching allows you to wear different and exciting looks even when you have a small or limited wardrobe. With a good imagination of mixing and matching you can even make an ordinary clothes stand out in the crowd. One thing for sure, Mixing & Matching lets you express your individuality and shows exactly who you are in wearing your on thought of style.

My Mix & Match

Exhibit 1 : How I wear my turquoise bandage skirt.

Exhibit 2 : How I wear my classic cut high waisted jeans.

Exhibit 3 : How I wear my blue stirrup leggings.

 Exhibit 4 : How I wear my orange mustard tank top.

Exhibit 5 : How I wear my floral vintage vest.

Exhibit 6 : How I wear my high waisted short.

Remember peeps, a little bit tweaking of your hair style, shoes and accessories also helps in changing the look :D


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