28 May 2011

Old School Titbits

I've been wanting to eat this particular corn crackers. Because it is so hard to find, it makes me yearn until now. Sad. I even asked Farhan to buy this particular corn crackers for me, and here it goes our conversation.

Because it is an old school tit-bits which I remember that I had it almost everyday back then when I was in my primary school, finding it nowadays at the year of 2011 is not an easy thing to do. Sigh. But when he said that he would go round and round of Kajang - Bangi - Serdang to get one for me, it makes me smile all day long.

9 days he'd been searching for the tit-bits and today he texted me that he managed to get not one but a basket full of corn crackers for me. Yay!!!! Not in Kajang nor Bangi nor Serdang, he managed to get a whole bunch of that corn crackers in his hometown in Pontian. Erkkk..... Anyway, thank you so much, Love! 


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