11 September 2011


Hi there! Having my weekend that was all set for an outing with Farhan. I bought this leopard jumpsuit last month and only got a chance to wear it today. Simply love it because it goes well with my petite figure!

My current favorite shoes.

I was so freaking hungry that I could even eat a horse! Lol. So I asked Farhan to bring me to Wong Solo. Again? Yup, I just feel that Nasi Ayam Penyet Wong Solo is the perfect choice whenever I'm suffering from ultimate hunger. The rice, the chicken and the most awesome part is the hotness and the fierceness of the sambals, they are simply wondrous and excellent! Yums! :)

It's well said to me :)

Went to IKEA to check for some stuff. We took a small portion meal since we were still full with our lunch meal at Wong Solo earlier. At IKEA, Daim Cake and Creamy MeatBall are a must for two of us!

Abracadabra! I did some magic when I was capturing this photo. Cool? :)



  1. dear, if u dont mind me asking, where did you buy the shoe from? they are super gorgeous ok !.
    comfortable tak? hehe.

    Btw, i think i saw u last month at wong solo kajang, during break fasting. u were so cute n comel ;)

    n i love wong solo too. addicted kot. semua branch i dah try...so far...kpg baru plg sedap!

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  3. Hi Dear, oh i bought the shoes from Agape Boutique. you blh search for Agape at Facebook or this is their web.

    yes yes, during bulan puasa hari tu mmg selalu je i berbuka at wong solo. sgt2 addicted! thanks, lenkali if terjumpe lg say hi and i wud pls and glad to hear from you. thanks a lot for reading my blog! :D

  4. cute romper :D
    I'll definitely will following you if you follow me :D
    Decimal Shoes

  5. tq darling...will do next time ;)

    sorry...sampai 2 kali i send ! hehe