10 September 2011

Hello Weekend!

Hi everyone! :) Did you noticed that I've changed my blog layout? This time it is minimalist with clean and sleek fonts. I am tired of having too many pinkish and girlish stuff on my page, that is why I decided to make it  a little bit rigid yet effortless. As for now, I just love the look. And the slow tone of its colors & fonts, it makes me even happier and soother :)

Still in the mood of Hari Raya, have you guys Beraya enough? If you ask the same question to me, my answer is NO and it is a definite one. I had my time spent with my dearest family during the first week of Hari Raya, we even went up and down the road Beraya to our relative's house, but somehow I could still feel that it wasn't enough. As you grow older, you tend to have extra time to spend with your family and loved ones. That is what I feel now. One week of time spent with them felt a bit too fast for me. There were still a lot of thing that I need to catch up with them. Things like gossiping with my aunties and cousins about someone/something that will definitely end up with jokes and laughter, spending time with mom in the kitchen cooking my favorite food and having a tea or coffee time together with all of them while eating banana fritter or jemput-jemput pisang in the afternoon. Yes, I miss those moments. I did not had a chance the other day to do those kind of thing with them. Time was being a little bit envy to me. 

To think of it, I really have to be grateful though. Alhamdulillah that I still have them during this Eid. And next year, there is gonna be one additional person in our family member. That is what Farhan told me as he referred that 'additional person' to himself. I was so happy the moment he said that :) Thanks, Love! As I mentioned earlier, I have a small family (closed one) in Johor Bahru , and I am excited of having any new member in the family. The more, the merrier, the better! :D Till then, have a nice weekend, darlings! xoxo!


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