25 September 2011

I'm Playful

Just another beautiful Saturday where people go out to chill and have some fun. As for me, nothing much excitement for the day, just a regular outing with Farhan. We went to the mall, just to check out things. We bought some chocolates, chips and drinks and wandering around the mall aimlessly while munching the junkies. Sometimes I do feel like we never grow up, loitering here and there in the mall as if we are still 18. Hahaha. Never mind. Somehow, we are actually cherishing our last bits of life of being bachelor. While still young, we can run freely and live our life to the fullest.

What I Wore. Whimsical & playful :)

He knows me well. Whenever my mood swings, being cranky for no reason, he will feed me with this. It's like my happy vitamin, as I finished one whole bar, my big pout turns into one big smile :D

And in return, I gotta feed him with his favourite Egg Tart

For some reason, I prefer to go out with no make up lately. I hope that I do not look like a zombie T__T

I just love all of the effects in Pixlromatic. Yup, it is a camera application for Iphone.


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