03 September 2011

Eid Mubarak Day 2, Part 1

Beraya session with all of the family. The destination started with visiting the relatives at Simpang Renggam then we headed up to Negeri Sembilan and finally to Malacca for seafood feast at Alai Ikan Bakar. It was a fun, feast and festival! Having each and everyone of us, gathered together for Raya road trip and finally make a stop for food fiesta at Malacca. It was an awesome Raya I shall say :D

At R&R Pagoh. A pit stop for fueling and rest.

Dear cousins and Mom.

Si Mentels. Still dapat duit raya even da tua bangka :p

Rifhan and her mom.

Macam mana adik-adik tak mentel, kalau si kakak yg baju hijau tu da macam tu? :p

What I Wore. A custom made Baju Kurung Johor with a brooch exclusively from Merah Cinta Hati.

Seafood fiesta at Alai Ikan Bakar, Malacca. Yums!


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