04 September 2011

Eid Mubarak Day 2, Part 2

Oh yeah, our trip to Malacca did not just stop until the part where we had the seafood fiesta at Alai. We went to Banda Hilir, around Kota A Famosa to have a night walk and took a bunch of pictures. While the parents were chilling and chatting at one spot of the town, we the youngsters and kid wandering and rambling, checked out what was still up at that time in Banda Hilir.

My cousins and I, in front of the Malacca Stamp Museum.

These are the next generation in my family. Although it is small in number, but I believe everyone of us is doing good in our own field. I am the eldest grand children to my late granddad and grandmom (on my mother's side), and I only have 10 little brothers and little sisters who always cling and mingling with me. It is not that easy to be the eldest but somehow it is cool to have everyone attached to me and always prefer me as their top choice to ask or refer this and that. 

Cool cousins and their uncle on Merdeka Raya 2011 at Malacca.

My cousins with our coolest uncle :)

We obviously share the same passion. We love the camera!

They grow up so fast. My favorite girls.

Just another shot with my favorite girls


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