21 September 2011

Less Is More

Vain in the Office

Hola! Lately, the weather out there is merely not suitable for a working day. I'd rather stay in the house mingling alone and watching TV on  the couch while munching some of my Kuih Raya leftovers. Today and yesterdays ( note the plural :p ) these are the days that I would put the blame on the weather for making me late to work. Cold and breezy morning everyday, who on earth would wanna roll out of the bed and say no to such a comfy blanket and pillow :p Each time the alarm yells to wake me up, I will repeatedly hit the snooze button. Hence, another late and rushing morning to work.

Seriously, I can't dedicate 1 hour of my morning time in front of a mirror in order to look good to work. Sorry, my sleeping time is more valuable :p Previously, I had the difficulties to cater my time between the needs to look good to work and the needs to sleep more for myself :p  Therefore, I've found a few remedies to help me out.

Make up. Honestly, I am not a fan of make up. To me, enough of having SOS tools like mascara and eyeliner for going out. But for a basic need to work, mascara and a thin blusher would be sufficient enough for me. 2-3 minutes spent for wearing mascara and blusher, that is what I call an instant make up. Spending 5 minutes applying a liquid eyeliner ? I'd call it a waste of time, unless it is for weekend outing where I have a lot of time to spare in front of the mirror. Sometimes less is more. Whatever your reason for not wearing makeup, it’s important to still look your best, and be confident with your natural beauty. I thank God for giving me such a thick hair and eyebrows. I had my hair colored, permed and even rebonding last time, but I can't deny the fact that the natural gifts from Allah is the best. Black, wavy and natural locks, somehow it blends well with my black eyebrows. Agree? Yes :D

Hair. Having such a thick hair is not easy. This is my way on dealing with my thick hair and sometimes can be such an annoying one. Usually I will have them washed and moisturized everyday after work. But the absolute way for having it organized every morning is, each time before I go to bed, I will apply a night serum before making a loose bun. Usually I will use my loosen hair band to tie the bun.  Make sure it is a loose one, or else you will find yourself not comfortable to sleep. The next morning when you wake up, there you go, you already have a wavy and manageable hair. To keep the wave, spray it with your hair spray, and yes, you are ready to go! Easy breezy.

Clothes. To make it fast and quick each time when I'm late, I've occupied my wardrobe with a lot of non-ironing clothes. Like cotton and thick cotton. Ironing clothes? That would be a last thing to do for me. So having non-ironing ones would require me only to choose, pick and wear. Hahaha. Simple as that. The normal duration for a girl to get ready usually more or less than 1 hour but I can make it dashed to 10-15 minutes. How's that? :p

5 paragraphs of crapping :p I just felt like I wanna write and tell people a story. So, there you go up there. 5 paragraphs of words. Thanks for reading, peeps :D


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