02 September 2011

Eid Mubarak Eve

This is our routine every year. After making sure our house is set for Hari Raya, my family and I will head up to my  grandparent house to gather with all the of family, having our last berbuka together and bergotong-royong preparing the dishes, setting up the house and other needs for Hari Raya. This is the exact moment where I could feel the excitement and joy for celebrating Syawal with all my loved ones. But somehow, I could still feel the emptiness without having Arwah Mak Tok and Arwah Tok Ayah around. I do miss them a lot.

I love this moment. Berbuka on the final day of Ramadhan with all of the family members. 

The awesomeness of Hari Raya

Kuih raya yang tak sempat sampai Hari Raya. Malam raya da habis dua balang. Honey Corn Flakes yang sedap! Made by my aunty! Yums!

Preparing angpow Raya for my family. I am all broke now! T__T

Selamat Hari Raya! 


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